M7206   1800mm x 1830mm MH Barrel

M4807   1200mm MH Lid (Solid)

M7204   1800mm x 1220mm MH Barrel

1050mm ID MANHOLE BARREL (42")


M4808  1200mm Drywell Lid c/w Round Centre


M7205   1800mm x 1525mm MH Barrel

1800mm ID MANHOLE BARREL (72")

Leko Precast Ltd Manhole

Leko Precast manufactures manhole barrels in diameters ranging from 1050mm ID (42") to 2440mm ID (96").  Manholes are manufactured according to specifications CSA A257 and ASTM C478.  Custom prebenched bases are available built to suit specific project requirements.

1200mm ID MANHOLE BARREL (48")

1500mm ID MANHOLE BARREL (60")

Manhole lids are manufactured to meet specifications of CSA A257 and ASTM C478, and come with available 25" or 30" openings specifically designed to fit various castings.  Leko Precast also offers a full line of risers to adjust to finished grade, gaskets and sealant to complete your project.

M4212   1050mm Drywell Lid c/w Round Centre

2400mm ID MANHOLE BARREL (96")