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Leko manufactures two different types of guard rails. One type of guard rail is a low profile guard rail, primarily used in parking lot applications. These guard rails are 10’ long (3m) and 18” (450mm) tall, and have a slight taper on each end giving them a smooth, rounded appearance.

The other type of guard rail is the typical highway barrier. These barriers are about 8’ (2.5m) long and 2’3” (690mm) tall. These barriers come in either a ‘male’ or ‘female’ configuration for interlocking purposes. When assembled these barriers typically use a transition block to bring the height down to the height of the bullnose block which finishes the end of the row of barriers.

10' Taper guard rail
690 Guard rail bull nose alternate
690 Guard rail bull nose
690 Guard rail transition
690 Guard rail
18" Barrier (.PDF)

Toilet Building

The Woody Toilet Building is our newly designed Concrete Toilet Building.

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