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Septic Tanks

Leko Precast produces a variety of septic tanks to match your application requirements. Leko manufactures a 750gal, 1000gal, 1200gal, and 1500gal tank.

All of the tanks, with the exception of the 1500gal, are available in either a single or dual compartment configuration. The 1500gal is available only in a single compartment configuration. Our tanks are also available in an optional H-20 load rated lid.

750 Gallon pump out tank
1000 Gallon tank
1200 Gallon tank
1200 Gallon tank H2O
1500 Gallon tank
Septic tanks
1000 Imp. gallon Tank (2 compartment) (.PDF)
1200 Imp. gallon Tank (2 compartment) (.PDF)
1500 Imp. gallon single compartment tank (.PDF)
Septic Tanks

Toilet Building

The Woody Toilet Building is our newly designed Concrete Toilet Building.

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We are a local Manufacturer in the Okanagan Valley for over 30 years.

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