​"Quality Precast Since 1975..."

Jet Wastewater Treatment Plants are the cleaner alternative to traditional septic systems.  Jet treatment plants transform wastewater into colourless, odourless, environmentally-friendly effluent, often cleaner that city systems.  With only one moving part, no filters to change, and no complicated electronics, your Jet system should provide you with years of low-maintenance, trouble-free operation.

Recon Wall Systems has become the preferred choice for homeowners, engineers and contractors when looking for the long-term durability of wet-cast concrete combined with a gravity system that can be engineered to heights in excess of 20 feet. Available in all configurations, Leko Precast offers two aesthetically pleasing finishes in our Recon retaining wall blocks: Granite and Rustic.

Dobney Foundry has been a supplier of high-quality iron castings for more than 80 years.  Leko Precast offers a full range of castings for use in storm, sewer and water applications, as well as other products.  For more information and detailed specifications and drawings, visit the Dobney Foundry website.

Tuf-Tite is the leader of modern septic accessories.  Made of high-grade industrial plastic, Tuf-Tite septic risers, distribution boxes and effluent filters offer hassle-free septic maintenance and are easily adapted to your existing system.


In addition to septic accessories,  Tuf-Tite manufactures high-grade plastic curbstops, which are concrete-filled at Leko Precast and ready to place at your location.  Available in "safety yellow" and "handicap blue", they are a professional-looking, economical option for any business.